"We purchase your pies at the U-District Farmers' Market on Saturdays. We've had the bumbleberry and peach-raspberry, and also the peasant pie and the small savory pies. We like them all. Very tasty. In fact, we had a peasant pie for dinner tonight. We've shared them with our friends to universal acclaim. We plan on being regular customers."

— Karl Korsmo

"The guys just LOVE YOU! Your pies … don’t you know … are the best thing a guy can buy when he is going to a dinner party!"

— Kathleen Huston

"I was licking my plate tonight after eating your pie, not wanting to leave any behind so I thought I should write and let you know, you were right! We talked with you on Sunday and bought a blackberry and huckleberry pie. You said you could tell we'd never had one of your pies when we asked about the slogan "best pie on the planet." Out of respect for my mom, I'll have to say it is definitely ONE of the best pies on the planet. Absolutely no complaints, it's great from the crust to the filling. I'm just trying to keep from eating it all at once. Thanks for convincing us to try one."

— Rick & Terry Colella

"One of our favorite things about going to the Ballard Sunday Market is leaving with a piece or two of your delectable pie. In our opinion, you make the best pie in town! You have perfected a crust that is light, flaky, and just melts in one's mouth. Your pies are yummy, and 5 stars beyond comfort food. We are big fans!"

— Ann & Wally Brown

"My in laws were in town recently and picked up a few of your pies at a farmer's market. I took one bite of your banana cream pie and was in heaven!!!! It is so amazing! I am addicted! I could eat a whole pie by myself in one sitting! Thank you for making greatness! I'm officially a new customer!"

— Jennifer Young

"Deborah's pies are great. The crust is the best I have ever tasted. I always try to have a meat pie in my freezer so when I don't want to cook, I can put it in the oven. Or if someone drops by, I have a great meal that's easy to make. My father had cancer and had no appetite. I gave him a taste of Deborah's meat pies, and for a few weeks that was what he ate -- more and more of it until his appetite came back fully."

— Kristie Emgels

"I just had one of your pies for the first time. I have only one word - Yummerlicious! Thank you!"

— John Britt

"We always look forward to stopping by your booth and picking up a pie to go with our Sunday dinner. To date, we’ve always chosen your terrific fruit and cream pies, but we’ll soon try out one of your savory selections. You help to make the Ballard Farmers Market the venue and destination it is, Deborah, thanks."

— Terry Kakida

"Love your pies! My favorite is peach. No, wait -- it's boysenberry. Or perhaps it was strawberry rhubarb. Well, whatever, my mother would have given up trying to bake the perfect pie if yours had been available. Keep up the perfection!"

— Marvin Cooper

"The pies were a big hit at the wedding, and we still have people raving about how good they were! Even my dad, an adamant wedding cake fan, is now convinced that pies are the way to go for a reception. Needless to say, there were none left over once the night was over. The wedding was beautiful and we are thankful you were able to help us out."

— Mark Raleigh